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How Does ExpertInsure Work?

expertInsure provides a seamless, paper free method of managing the entire submission process from application data gathering, integrated online rating, binding and policy issuance, through to invoicing, accounting and archiving.
xpertInsure also provides the tools neccessary to effectively service your clients.

How It Works


  • expertInsure clearance process and search functions eliminates the need to re-enter data that is already present in the system and allows users to easliy identify duplicate submissions
  • Data Gathering is made easy through user-friendly, in-line editing data entry screens or automated submission data delivery with integartion of Appulate's Uplink service.


  • expertInsure allows users complete flexibility in managing any method and type of quote; manual quote data entry, request from Carrier or MGU/Wholesaler, rating engine, Carrier website.
  • ISO based rates are provided in seconds with the intergation of a flexible choice of online 3rd party rating engines, providing single-carrier or comparative rating.
  • A custom rules-based engine for determining the appropriate terms, conditions and exclusions is also provided.
  • Automated State Surplus-Lines Taxes and Fees calculations are performed for all lines of business in all States.


  • expertInsure provides clear and concise proposal letters with your company logo and signatures as well as any appropriate legal disclosures.
  • An integrated template creation and management tool allows users to easily create proposal letters containing detailed coverage information and complete terms, conditions and exclusions for any and all lines of business.
  • Includes the ability to create multi-line or package proposals, automated TRIA acceptance/rejection notices, diligent effort or affidavits, and premium finance options letters.


  • expertInsure allows users to easily locate proposals and Bind the appropriate coverages in seconds. Policy data flows seamslessly from the proposal to binder.
  • Surplus-lines requirements are handled appropriately and additional non-rating data needed for policy issuance is gathered efficiently. All appropriate underwriting requirements are managed and validated.
  • Invoices are created and sent with the Binder, invoicing data is communicated to an integrated accounting system.


  • expertInsure provides the ability to easily upload and manage any and all documents required for the complete file.
  • The tasking function allows users to create follow-ups/reminders for missing information or documents.
  • Inspections can easliy be ordered and completed through direct integration with ExpertInspect or other non-automated inspection processes.


  • expertInsure has a built-in Policy Issuance mechanism that generates policies in seconds based on the data already gathered.
  • Workflow management allows users to track the progress of policies being created by Carriers.
  • The integrated Document Transporter feature allows for automated delivery and archive of policies and other documents from Carriers.


  • expertInsure provides a work queue containing the details of expiring policies to allow for early marketing and retention.
  • Expiring policy data is carried forward to the Renewal file and is easily updated.


expertInsure provides all the neccessary tools to easily manage and service all policies with the following capabilities:

  • Endorsement, Cancellation and Reinstatement Processing
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Audit Tracking, Communications Handling and Task Management
  • Accounting
  • Instant Messaging and Impersonation
  • Forms Library
  • Lists: Recently Viewed Submissions, Stale Submissions, Fax Reports