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ExpertInspect provides a real-time, seamless and paperless method of communication between Inspectors and inspection requesters.

How It works

  1. ExpertInspect provides the ability to offer quick and easy registration to both inspection requesters and inspectors alike. Once registered, requesters can enter all of the details of their requests into the user-friendly online interface.

  2. ExpertInspect can quickly retrieve, review, and assign inspection requests to registered inspectors.

  3. Inspectors retrieve inspection requests online. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector can complete a detailed inspection report. Inspection reports can be as simple or advanced as needed, including pictures, custom recommendations, and narratives. Reports can also include diagrams created with ExpertInspect's state of the art embedded drawing tool.

  4. Inspection providers can view the results of the reports and make any necessary edits before electronically communicating them to clients.

  5. Invoicing functions are performed for real-time reporting.

Primary components

  • Public site - Provides general business and marketing information for the inspection provider's business

  • Private Client site - Provides the ability to enter inspection requests and view completed inspection reports

  • Private Inspector site - Provides inspectors with the ability to receive and fulfill inspection requests

  • Administration site - Provides inspection providers with the ability to register users, administer requests, and manage client billing

ExpertInspect can also be customized to receive requests from and send completed reports to client systems.

Finally, customers of ExpertInsure can benefit from additional integration between the two products that allow for requests to be submitted from ExpertInsure with the click of a button.

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